The Endophys Pressure Sensing Access System includes an introducer sheath for vascular procedures and an electronic box that connects to the sheath.  

The sheath contains a fiber-optic pressure sensor embedded in the wall, with a 330-micron sensor presenting at the tip of the sheath. The 2-meter optical fiber connects to the electronic box, which is outside of the sterile field.  

This box contains the light source, circuitry and software for conversion of the light signal into blood pressure readings, which are then displayed on the front of the box as systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressures.

  • Maximized potential tissue salvage, due to reduced time-to-treatment
  • Improved accuracy of intra-procedural hemodynamic monitoring
  • Eliminates the need to put in a peripheral arterial line to monitor pressure during procedures
  • Reduced room time required

The Endophys Blood Pressure Monitor displays critical

pressure values.

The Benefits of the Endophys

Pressure Sensing Access System

The Endophys mission is to develop pressure sensing systems which improve safety and outcome in critical procedures in cath/angiography labs by providing immediate and accurate endovascular physiology.

Endophys Holdings, LLC, located in Dallas, Texas, has developed the unique Endophys Pressure Sensing Access System that drastically reduces delays and complexity in treating critical interventional patients.  The Endophys Pressure Sensing System allows interventional physicians to achieve faster, lower-risk procedures - especially in the most critical cases - reducing potential loss of brain, myocardial or other vital organ tissue.

Endophys has been assigned a number of issued patents developed by Dr. Phillip Purdy, MD and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. 

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