A unique solution to

a longstanding problem

in patient monitoring:

  • A premium-quality femoral artery sheath.
  • High-precision Fabyr-Perot pressure sensor at the distal tip of the sheath.
  • Miniaturized fiber-optic channel embedded in the sheath wall​.


Measuring physiology where it happens

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It's About Time!!

The Endophys Pressure

Sensing Access System 

The Endophys system includes a single-use disposable Pressure Sensing Sheath and a small, easy-to-use Blood Pressure Monitor instrument which both produces and measures the optical signal 

through the fiberoptic channel of the Pressure Sensing Sheath.

 It eliminates the need to insert a separate peripheral arterial catheter for blood pressure monitoring.

Together, the system provides

an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy for vascular interventions.

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Optical Reflecting
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An Intelligent Solution....
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"Time is Brain" and "Time is Muscle" are not just slogans in neurology and cardiology.  It is well-documented in peer-reviewed clinical literature that there is a specific treatment time window for providing improved outcomes.  Current treatment for acute stroke, heart attack or other critical vascular situations frequently involves an interventional catheter procedure to perform angioplasty, place a stent, extract a clot or stop bleeding.  Accurate physiological monitoring is imperative - but can be a time delaying factor.

It is estimated that setting up and inserting an arterial line for accurate pressure monitoring can delay initial treatment in a cath lab by 30-45 minutes...a large portion of the critical treatment window.

With the Endophys Pressure Sensing Access System physicians treating critical patients do not need to alter their technique - placement of the Endophys Pressure Sensing Access System is simple and direct.  Life-sustaining accurate pressure data is available immediately upon insertion.